Failte, Erik’s Rancheros agus chairde

That’s welcome, to Erik’s Rancheros and friends. Erik’s Rancheros is my silly nickname for people who work for/live at Erik’s Ranch & Retreat, or are guests, voluntourists, etc. I’d like to be able to share news and information and of course my own not so humble opinions about autism and disability issues, as well as fun tidbits on Irish culture, language, and other Celtic and European cultures, both back in the Old Countries, as well as here in Minnesota and elsewhere in the diaspora. Please be advised that anything I write here is not officially approved by Erik’s Ranch, Erik Nordberg himself, or any other organization I belong to, work for etc. Also I write about autism from the perspective of an autistic adult, I am only an “expert” on my autism, not anyone else’s, though I believe and hope my insights can be valuable to others.

Earlier I had another blog, Mariah’s Musings, but I found blogspot wasn’t working very well format-wise, so here’s yet another wordpress blog. I will be moving/copying posts from there and other blogs I’ve kept that are relevant, as well as new content.

OK, so what the heck is this Erik’s Ranch thing?

Erik’s Ranch & Retreats is a non-profit organization that is working on creating housing and employment opportunities for adults on the autism spectrum in Montana and Minnesota. It was founded by Kathryn Nordberg out of concern for her son, Erik who is autistic. I work as an Experience Guide in the Erik’s Minnesota Adventures program, giving tours of the St. Paul Cathedral and as well as tours of the Pantages and State Theatres in Minneapolis. Please check out the Erik’s Ranch website to find out more and sign up for my tours!